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Veducci began in Melbourne in 2004, offering all women a fun shopping experience and a unique business opportunity. Veducci is made and designed right here in Australia and our ranges are available through in-home presentations conducted by our Fashion Consultants

The company designs and releases two collections every year:  our Autumn/Winter Collection runs from February through to July and our Spring/Summer Collection runs from August through to January. The Veducci collection is available exclusively through in-home presentations conducted by our Fashion Consultants. 



Hosting a presentation in your own home or workplace is definitely an enjoyable experience; it is easy to arrange and a fabulous way to shop for fashion. There are so many advantages:

  • It is a fantastic way to catch up with friends and family

  • Veducci Hostess Rewards are very generous – free and half price garments (see below)

  • You and your guests receive one-on-one advice and assistance from our trained Fashion Consultants

  • Your new free and half price clothes can be coordinated with your existing wardrobe

  • You and your guest can delight in receiving old fashioned customer service

Hosting a presentation is definitely one of the best ways to shop for your clothing needs. You can touch the gorgeous fabrics, see the extensive colour selections, try on garments in your size and the best part is that you can always order the size you need.


  • Start by making a guest list & always over-invite

  • Write a list of all the people you know

- family, friends, work colleagues, both new and previous neighbours, sporting associates, your partner’s contacts, people you do business with and invite them all! Go through your email address book, mobile phone contacts, your diary and even your Christmas card list – Veducci has a look for every woman. And remember, not everyone who has been invited will be available to attend so it is important to over-invite!

  • Invitations

Your Consultant will be able to supply you with both printed and electronic invitation. Women are very busy these days and it is easy to forget things so it always pays to use both. We recommend that you call your guests in addition to sending an invitation – this is more personal and you will be able to answer any questions they may have. It is also extremely important to send out an email or text as a reminder the day prior to, or the day of, your presentation.

  • Encourage your guests to bring a friend

Always encourage your guests to bring a friend to your presentation. A good mix of people will ensure your presentation is a success and it takes the pressure off if some of your guests drop out at the last minute.

  • Use the Veducci brochure & website

Take your brochure to work, show it to your friends and family. Our brochure provides a sample of what Veducci has to offer but it does not include the complete the collection so to sure to let your guests know they can look at our web site to see more.

  • Someone can’t make it?

Turn this situation into a positive! Why not suggest that they book their own presentation. That way they will have the opportunity to receive free and half price garments, plus you could increase the value of your hostess rewards.

  • Outside orders

Don't forget, anyone who is not able to attend your presentation can still place an order. They can check out the website or browse through a brochure to view the collection. Your Consultant can provide you with an Outside Order Form.

  • Relax and have fun

Keep refreshments simple – it always works best. Your Consultant will present the range, assist your guests with fitting and complete orders so you can sit back, catch up with your guests and, most importantly, relax and have fun!


 In brief . . . .

Over-invite & use invitations     

Invite everyone, encourage guests to bring a friend and it is vital to remind guests the day before or the day of your presentation.

Use brochure & website           

Encourage guests to browse the website prior to the presentation.

Extra bookings & orders           

Encourage those who cannot attend to hold their own presentation.  Plus these women are more than welcome to place an order. Check with your Consultant

Relax and have fun         

Keep refreshments simple, sit back, relax and have fun!

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